Bend Project

Bend Project


Note that on June 1, 2021, Aquila announced that it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to sell its interest in the Bend and Reef exploration properties located in Wisconsin, USA to a private company. Additional details can be viewed here.

The Bend copper-gold deposit is controlled by Aquila Resources. Exploration in the 1990s delineated a non-43-101 compliant resource estimate of greater than three million tonnes of copper, gold and silver mineralization. Since acquiring the project in 2011, almost 6,000 meters of core drilling have been completed in support of a potential 43-101 compliant resource estimate. Mineralization remains open in all directions.

  • Located in northern Taylor County, Wisconsin, USA in the Penokean Volcanic Belt
  • Approximately 35 miles southeast from former producing Flambeau Mine
  • Contiguous land block covering 5,560 acres within the Chequamegon National Forest on both private and federal lands
  • Copper and gold-rich volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit with over 14,000 meters of historical drilling
  • Historical resource estimates include (non 43-101 compliant):
    • 2.7M tonnes grading 2.4% copper, 1.4 g/t gold and 13.7 g/t silver in copper zone
    • 1.12M tonnes grading 4.7 g/t gold and .31% copper in gold zone
    • The Company is not treating the historical estimates as current mineral resources or mineral reserves and the historical estimates should not be relied upon or understood to indicate the existence of reserves or resources.
  • Historic drill core verified for geological characteristics and mineralized
  • 5,800 meter drill program completed in winter 2011

2011-2012 Drill Highlights

  • 2.66 meters of 2.85% copper in B12-01
  • 6.29 meters of 4.26 g/t gold in B12-03
  • 74.5 meters of 1.04 g/t gold in B12-04, including 9 meters of 2.27 g/t gold
  • 71.68 meters of 1.68 g/t gold in B12-06 0.54%, including 26.55 meters of copper in B12-06 and 18.4 meters of 5.25 g/t gold, including 2.9 meters of 27.06 g/t gold
  • 18.4 meters of 5.25 g/t gold in B12-06
  • 3.53 meters of 3.56 g/t gold in B12-07A
  • 63.06 meters of 1.32 g/t gold in B12-08, including 5.41 meters of 6.34 g/t gold
  • 77.36 meters of 0.67 g/t gold in B12-09, including 6.44 meters of 0.54% copper and 4.17 meters of 2.06 g/t gold
  • 34 meters of 1.02 g/t gold in B12-10, including 5.5 meters of 2.43 g/t gold


Bend was discovered in 1986 and subject to exploration throughout the early 1990’s. Historical resource evaluations on Bend (non NI 43-101-compliant) by the Jump River Joint Venture (“JRJV”) between Asarco LLC and Lehman & Associates, estimated the deposit contains 3 Mt grading 2.4% copper, 1.4 g/t gold and 13.7 g/t silver.

Cross and Longitudinal Section


Copper-gold mineralization occurs in felsic volcanic rocks formed 1.8 billion years ago. Mineralized copper-gold zones occur in several stacked massive sulfide lenses ranging from 3 to 21 meters in true thickness and consist mostly of fine-grained pyrite and chalcopyrite. These massive sulfide lenses are enveloped by a disseminated gold-bearing pyritic halo.