Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


To become recognized as a leading project developer in the North American mining sector.


Mission Statement:

To develop commercially viable and economically attractive projects in stable jurisdictions that deliver sustainable value for shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

  • We will have diverse exposure to metals.
  • We will be responsible financial stewards by always seeking more efficient ways to use the Company’s resources.
  • We will adhere to the highest possible operating standards while encouraging innovative and creative thinking.
  • We will focus on delivering superior growth and value creation for the benefit of all our stakeholders.



Environment and Social Responsibility

We acknowledge that our work can have an impact on our community and the environment. We care profoundly about our performance in compliance, environmental protection, human rights and health and safety.

  • Dedication to diversity – respect and honor all.
  • Strong corporate and social responsibility to the communities in which we invest.
  • Ensure that we help residents make their community a better place than when we first arrived through sustainable initiatives to provide lasting benefits.



We pledge uncompromised attention to “zero harm” in the workplace in order to protect the health and well-being of all our workers.

  • We take a proactive approach to health and safety.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in preventing occupational incidents and injuries.
  • Safety can never be compromised.


Personal Commitment

We nurture and support the highest level of professionalism, personal ownership and entrepreneurial spirit in all our employees.

  • We aim to achieve our key deliverables as a path to industry-leading returns, while maintaining a clear focus on excellence, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • We take pride in our work and our company.
  • We endeavor to achieve superior returns for all our stakeholders.
  • We treat all colleagues fairly, listen to their input and work with them to create solutions that respect both individual needs and corporate interests.



We value relationships and communication based on integrity, cooperation, openness and mutual

benefit, with our people, our customers, our suppliers, governments and society in general.

  • Highest legal and ethical standards
  • Fair and collaborative approach
  • Honest, transparent, and respectful communication
  • Community and tribal partnerships